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Reflexology Appointment

What to Expect:
  • Dedicated attention: Please consider muting all notifications in order for us both to be present during the session.

  • Personalized session: All reflexology sessions are tailored to the person in that moment.

  • Please come to your session hydrated: Reflexology deals with the release of uric acid; drinking water helps your kidneys flush out the increase in uric acid.

  • Because we work with the release of uric acid in your session, often times urine can be darker or cloudy. This is normal.

  • Changes in energy: Depending on how your body responds  you may experience more or less energy after a session.

  • Changes in sleep: Some report the best sleep they've had in years, some report not being able to sleep well.

  • Changes in how your feet feel: People report their feet feeling more comfortable or relaxed, and much thinner.

  • Visit from the healing pup, Freya

Iris TB 'Wonders Never Cease' 6-2021 TB-P1080337.jpeg
Clematis 'Mrs. N. Thompson' (Pennell, UK, 1961) Photo- F.D.Richards, SE Michigan, 11-2020
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