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About me

I started my career as an electrical engineer in the automotive and technology industries, primarily focusing on customer support. Taking that desire to work with people, I decided to switch careers and got a Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.). During medical school, I came across a statistic stating that approximately 80% of doctor's visits are in some way related to stress. That became abundantly clear while in residency, where we were taught to focus on prescribing medications rather than taking the time to understand the root cause of a patient's concerns. This moral injury led me to leave medicine. My desire to use a more holistic approach to healing led me to reflexology through an amazing practitioner, Ruth Ploski.

Her work took me personally to new levels of stress reduction and overall well-being. I would look in the mirror after a session and see a face that was 10 years younger staring back at me. After leaving her office, and entering the Michigan highways, I didn't mind the traffic at all! What was going on here? How could this be? It was like that dark cloud had disappeared into thin air! Ruth was instrumental in helping me recover after leaving my Family Medicine residency. At her insistence, I decided to look into practicing reflexology.

I started to dive into reflexology using the same resources as Ruth, including studying at Branch Reflexology Institute. I'm so excited to bring this modality and its benefits to you too! Feel free to email or call if you have any questions. I'm here to help, listen, and grow with you on this path to reducing stress and helping your body remember its innate ability to heal.

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